Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Dean (he/they) I am a transgender man rebelling against the binary every chance I can. My partner Julie and I are parents to 8 remarkably unique humans, two of which are also trans. Some of my favourite things to do are reading, writing, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my partner and our kids, camping, going on road trips. I am passionate about parenting, personal development and growth, empowering my LGBTQ2S community, especially transgender folks and their families. In many ways I’m just your everyday guy, in other ways, I am quite the anomaly!

What I do

I operate a Life Coach and Mentorship business. I provide both one on one coaching and group support. I take an intuitive approach and meet folks where they are while empowering them to discover who they are and what they want.

Whether working one on one or in a group setting, my role as a life coach is to help you set intentions for yourself or your child in order to create a life worth celebrating!

Who you are

My greatest passion is working with parents, especially parents of transgender kids. As a transgender person myself and a parent of transgender kids, I have a unique and valuable perspective to offer you and your family.

How I can help you

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