Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Are you questioning your gender? Are you looking for permission to be your most authentic self? Do you want a life worth celebrating? Are you ready to be empowered to be your truest self and live your best life?

Are you ready to celebrate yourself? Do you need permission to engage in your passions? What you seek is seeking you. It’s time to love with your whole being. Release control and love yourself.

Whether working one on one or in a group setting, we take an intuitive approach and meet you where you are while also empowering you to discover who you are and what you want! Together we will set your intentions in order to create a life worth celebrating!

Dean (he/they) is a transgender man rebelling against the binary every chance they can. With a coming out story spanning nearly 20 years, a few sexualities and more than one gender, Dean has finally discovered what it means to live their most authentic life and spends his days teaching others how to do the same. Dean is a Life Coach whose passions are empowering the 2SLGBTQIA community, especially later in life transgender folks, parenting and personal growth. In many ways they’re just your everyday guy, in other ways, he is quite the anomaly!