Hi I’m Dean, a pansexual, empathetic, intuitive transgender man who believes that gender is a colonial construct that should be disintegrated along with the patriarchy.

A Brief History of My Journey from Motherhood to Manhood

When I was only 19 years old I became pregnant with my first child. Being a mom was the only dream I ever remember having. By 21 I was married with 2 children and I thought my life was complete, until I met a women who I would eventually come to realize was my catalyst. It wasn’t until nearly two decades later, after joining a group for later in life lesbians that I would learn what a catalyst even was. At age 25 I came out for the first time. You can read the first part of my coming out story here. After a few years, some conversion therapy, and a desire to have more children, I remarried and birthed 3 more babies in two and a half years then had a miscarriage when my youngest was 10 months old. I believe that miscarriage was my second catalyst. A few months later, I met Carl. This is Carl’s story, Meeting Carl. The winter before I turned 40, I finally started to accept what I had known about myself since I was a small child, I was transgender. I didn’t realize that I had been denying my own truth because of trauma and simply a lack of knowledge and representation. All it took was someone asking Are You Trans? Discovering my identity, leaning into my truth and becoming my most authentic self took some time but now I celebrate who I am every day and find joy in empowering others to do the same!

Everyday Anomaly Coaching and Mentorship grew out of my desire to empower the transgender community and their families. Over the past 4 years I have met a disproportionate number of transgender folks who struggle with loving and accepting themselves. I’ve met numerous parents who want their kids to have the best possible life but aren’t sure how to empower their transgender children. I believe that being transgender is a gift. I believe that the world will have no option but to celebrate transgender and non binary individuals when we are empowered to show up as our truest selves proudly and unapologetically.

About My Work

As I worked through my ideas and opinions about what I thought gender was and how it should manifest in my life, I was able to determine what transitioning would look like for me.

I now take an intuitive approach to guide others through this process of self discovery and awareness, empowering them to become their truest selves and give the world access to the gifts they have to offer.

Are you transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, genderfluid, genderqueer or questioning your gender? Struggling to accept yourself? Wondering what’s next? What your future holds? Do you need support in coming out to family, friends, at work? Are you out and now looking to discover yourself and live your best most authentic life?

Let’s build something worth celebrating together!