I am currently offering the following services to empower you throughout your self discovery journey.

1:1 Coaching

This package includes the following

  • 2 one-hour sessions per month
  • Unlimited and ongoing access to one of my private Facebook groups.
  • Encouragement/Accountability check-ins via email or the Voxer app

The value of the 1:1 Coaching Package is $299 per month and typically requires a minimum 4 month commitment.

*Scholarships and Sliding Scale Available – set up a consultation to find out more*

Are you ready to live your truth?

Support Groups

Virtual connection from the comfort of your space

I offer virtual support groups for folks who are questioning their gender as well as groups for those further along in their gender discovery journey. These groups run weekly and are offered through zoom. Along with the group support you will also have unlimited ongoing access to one of my private Facebook groups as well as extra support through email or the Voxer app.

The cost for the support group is $19/month.

*Scholarships Available – set up a consultation to find out more*

Some Topics we may Explore Together

What is Gender?

What are the differences between gender identity, gender expression and gender roles? I will challenge your ideas about gender which will give you a clearer understanding of what these terms all mean and help you better understand yourself and how gender relates to you and how you’d like it to show up in your world for yourself and others.

What is Dysphoria? Do I have it? Do I have to have it to be transgender?

Understanding what dysphoria means and if and how it shows up for you will help you better understand yourself and give you guideposts for what transitioning might mean for you.

What does it mean to transition?

We will discuss the different types of transitioning and what each one could look like for you and determine what, if any, transition fits your personal needs.

What role does gender play in regards to your sexuality and relationships?

We can discuss what impact your gender may have on your relationships and how it may affect your sexuality so that you have a clear sense of what your current or future relationships may look like as a transgender person. Whether you’re single, in a monogamous relationship or non monogamous, heightened self awareness and acceptance will impact how you show up in your relationships.

Religious trauma and spirituality.

After leaving religion where I experienced both conversion therapy and a deliverance ritual, I have rediscovered my spiritual side and can help you do the same through meditation, energy work, oracle and tarot card readings. If you’re feeling out of balance, tapping into and reconnecting with your spirituality may be the shift you need.

Body positivity.

Society tells us that if we are trans, we must hate our bodies but what if you were empowered to love your body in all it’s transgender glory, whether you wish to not medically transition, if you are pre-transition, on hrt, no-op, pre-op, post-op etc. Let me help you celebrate your transgender body for the beautiful, strong, healthy body that it is!